Mix Series 04 / Our Carlson

Fuck me its getting cold in the hills, la Nina has been spin kicking the shit out of me and I hear you saying ‘well you’re the one who moved 566m above sea level’ but the mixture of the cost of housing in the cities and the sea level creeping forward pushed me to this cold, wet, corner of Wurundjeri land.

All that had me reaching for some sunnier dole wave, warmer stoner, hot bangers for climate change, a touch of ACAB and some oddities. A bit nostalgic with a fair few hits. Grab a hot toddy, let go of the shotty and cuddle into your fav cushion.

Warm regards,

Music: Our Carlson
Artwork: Monique Chiari
Design: Marcel Croxton

Mix Series 03 / Nicola Sure

The boy behind the deep cuts of Hub 301, Nicola Sure (Southern Exposure Records) opens our ears to the under appreciated genre of aus-kid-hiphop. This mix made in coordination with CLUMSY’s Class of 2021 Commemorative tea towels, a nod to the classic primary school fundraiser tradition — celebrating all of the best friends of CLUMSY this year. All profits going to the incredible first nations NGO Desert Pea Media, of which a lot of these cuts originate.

Music: Nicola Sure (Southern Exposure Records)    
Artwork: Nick Mahady
Design: Marcel Croxton

Mix Series 02 / Brekstacy

You’ve stumbled your way into the Brekstacy CLUMSY mix you sexy sod. Nick Saw is taking five from his cult followed Skylab Radio show (Fridays 10am) to kiss your ears with this sexy slow jam exclusive. So get cosy, feel yourself... feel a cushion like it’s someone else. Here’s your go-to get-down choice for when things get sultry and seductive in the corners of the night.

Music: Brekstacy   
Artwork: Nick Mahady
Design: Marcel Croxton


Mix Series 01 / Polito

This mix was recorded in the thick of Melbourne’s second 2020 lockdown. It was our attempt to rehearse and create together, remotely. Rob, Belle and Finn live together, used three laptops to stream themselves from various angles to Hillary, who was broadcast on the TV for all to see. The dancers were recorded, and their movement referenced during our residency at Lucy Guerin Inc in January 2021. This mix is the audio from that session, refined from roughly 1.5 hours of material.

“Polito is a collaboration between musicians Robert Downie and Finnian Langham, and dancers Arabella Frahn-Starkie and Hillary Goldsmith. The project is a meeting of improvised contemporary dance and live improvised techno music, working together to create entrancing performance experiences.” (

An unrealeased exclusive mix for CLUMSY

Music: Polito   
Artwork: Nick Mahady 
Design: Marcel Croxton 

Handmade on Wurundjeri Country, Brunswick